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Eugenio Giani
President of the Council of Tuscany

I am extremely grateful to the artist for having had the determination to carry out this project which binds art to social and political commitment in the noblest sense of the term, which is very much needed in this period. 

Rosanna Pugnalini
Commission President 
Equal opportunities
Tuscany region

Laura has embarked on an interesting cultural and artistic project that has found the total interest of the Regional Equal Opportunities Commission

Siliana Biagini
Commission President
equal opportunities
Montecatini Terme

I hope that #quellache can become the reference in the art of all of us, because in every painting we find a little of each of us.

Sara Taglialagamba
art historian

Laura, with a wealth of emotions and an expert eye, loving towards her artistic creatures but also cutting edge towards society, uses prejudices to describe women through a series of portraits, bright, extemporaneous and truthful, whose masterful brushstrokes and fast - just as prejudices are quick and strong to arise - describe universes in their own right, telling some stories of women through beautiful images. 

Giovanni Masiello
art critic

Laura Corre paints the many facets of the female world, giving it a repertoire full of suggestions and charm.

Ambra Grieco
art critic

In Laura's art  feelings, emotions, visions, glimpses of current events are expressed that bursting out to send us messages, symbols, stimuli that activate our mind, our thoughts, our heart.

The human subject, animated in his body and his gestures, almost always feminine,  he is the protagonist of these works where the symbolic language communicates its own messages to the observer  of a time that seems to slip into our hands.

The artist's skill in drawing and pictorial rendering gives these paintings a realism capable of transmitting the human feeling between joys and pains in the incessant passage of time.

In the  painting  from  Laura each  what  there  speak out  from  self  in  a perspective that goes towards infinity ...

Monia Balsamello
critic and editorial consultant

Laura honors what should in fact be an urgency  of the artists. That "social mandate" which is the implicit delegation that the public grants to the artist, to create works with a symbolic value for the entire community of reference.

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