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I am a professional painter and I live and work in a studio-house in the Tuscan countryside, near Pistoia (Italy). 

I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and I followed my path in the visual arts as a self-taught following various courses and through years of experimentation.

After various jobs in the cultural field, in 2009 my second life began. Miraculously survived a cerebral hemorrhage from ruptured aneurysm, I decided to devote myself full time to what has always been my passion: painting.

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In my works I deal with the issues I care most,  such as the condition of women, the ecology crisis, social injustices, the transience of life.  

I work mainly oil and acrylic on canvas, but I love to experiment with various techniques such as collage, assemblage, digital illustration.  

My inspiration comes from my direct experience and from the contemporary culture.

You can see my works available in the shop

and in online galleries ( Artinfinder and Singulart )

I am also available to create works on commission

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I am a woman who paints women.

Through my art I explore the multifaceted and contradictory reality of women and the challenges we face today.

My inspiration comes both from my own experience and from contemporary culture.

My artistic research touches on current themes such as the search for beauty and the desire for love and belonging, feminism, the role of women in today's society, body image, stereotypes and prejudices, the commodification of the body, consumerism, ecology.

My goal is to develop a visual language that reflects contemporary concerns through a figurative and conceptual painting at the same time, which can combine aesthetic pleasure and social content.


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