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I am all the women I paint

I believe in the power of images and words; in a realistic and conceptual painting that can combine aesthetic pleasure and social content. Through my artistic practice I explore the multifaceted and contradictory reality of women, drawing inspiration both from my lived experience and from contemporary culture and society.

I tell stories of women who rebel against stereotypes and prejudices: a feminine and feminist gaze that aims to "liberate" the woman's body from the "male gaze" and from the macho vision that sees it as a mere erotic object.

Physical and psychological nudity is a symbol of freedom from bodily, mental and cultural constraints, and re-appropriation of oneself. The women portrayed express their inner world through the gestures of the body and the hands in particular.

The “smudged make-up” series on the eyes, lips and teeth explores the theme of women precariously balanced in life: it means failing and/or not wanting to live up to expectations, a symbol of imperfection (perhaps intentional?) in a society where women are expected to always be "beautiful and efficient". The requests to adapt to certain standards of beauty are pressing at any age and the burden of family, work and social relationships is sometimes unsustainable: women often find themselves living in a precarious balance.


Through my works I would like to be able to express what it means to be a woman in the present time.

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