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The subject she deals most is  women. 

Through her artistic practice she explores the multifaceted and contradictory reality of women, including themes such as feminism, body image, stereotypes, commodification, drawing inspiration both from her own lived experience and from contemporary culture and society.  

"Pieces o woman" is a metaphor for the disintegration of identity, the search for a completeness of the self, both in the private and in the social, a critique of obsessive attention to individual body parts by both Western medicine and the beauty industry.

Smudged makeup on the eyes, lips and teeth means failing and / or unwilling to live up to expectations: a symbol of intentional and disobedient imperfection.

"Laura paints the many facets of the female world, giving it a repertoire full of suggestions and charm."

Giovanni Masiello, art critic.


"Through my works I would like to express what it means to be a woman in the present time".

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