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There are the books that you do not forget, which become part of you, which form your thoughts and your ideas, which shape your emotions and give voice to dreams. Maybe because you read them in a particular period of your life, maybe because a loved one gave them to you, sometimes they reveal a world you didn't suspect, others seem to talk about you.

What I am today is also due to reading these 10 books +1: it is my self-portrait in books (obviously I had to leave out quite a lot)

I have always loved them, physically, in paper. I have so many on the shelves, many still to be read, placed there because I still like their presence, and as Terzani said, I am convinced that in the end they will enter me “by osmosis”.

This ongoing artistic project is inspired by my love for books: in addition to my self-portrait in books, "Mona Lisa's chair", inspired by the innumerable publications between the serious, the facetious and the absurd dedicated to Leonardo's Gioconda,  recipes cookbooks, and one dedicated to the environmental cause as "I told you so"

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