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I love nature but cut flowers have always made me think about the transience of beauty, the transience of life, impermanence ...

From these thoughts was born the desire to "eternalize" floral bouquets in art.

The flowers are created with a mixed technique  (oil, acrylics, embroidery, collage, pencils etc.) to represent the beauty of biodiversity and are contained in a vase created with a page of an old philosophy book, to symbolize the search for the meaning of life and the arising of questions existential that comes from real bouquets.

At the same time the vase is a container of knowledge and learning, it is a symbol of evolution and culture in support of nature: study and research, human actions and ecological choices.  that  can  (and they must) save  biodiversity and the nature of ours  the planet.

The series was recently presented by the Livin'Art Gallery of Lucca ( see the post )

At the moment the bouquets have been sold out, bought by collectors all over Europe.

I create bouquets on commission with dimensions and colors on customer request.

bouquet personalizzati
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