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Laura Corre was conceived by a young Emilian couple of peasant origins who emigrated to Tuscany. An only child because as a child she did not want brothers or sisters, but a monkey - which she has not yet had -, at the age of three she breaks her head on the bidet tap and this incident traces all her oddities back. At six she already has the keys to the house and creative imagination: the only child of working parents, she spends a lot of time alone in her bedroom, writing stories, drawing illustrations and inventing games for "the children of via Garibaldi". He spends the summers partly in a tent by the sea playing seven and a half with pine needles and ants and partly in his grandparents' country house under the Po embankment.

Janis Joplin would have liked to have been born, but being out of tune without remedy, she is satisfied with the mood and when she is not studying, she goes to discos, social centers, concerts and pubs most of her adolescence.

At seventeen he is in Nuremberg in a three-story wooden house eating sauerkraut and learning German and at twenty-five he shoots the worst motels in the United States on a low budget from Venice Beach to New York City via Las Vegas, eating a sandwich for lunch. and Chinese soup for dinner for three months. He continues to cultivate his passion for images and words and in 2000 he graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature (with 110 cum laude, but alas without an academic kiss).

In 2001 she falls in love with a painting (a woman's face, in a local restaurant) which she will discover that she has been burned as witches burn: words are no longer enough to describe her state of mind and she begins to devote herself more and more to painting in the hope of being able to revive that face of which a blurred memory remains in the mind.

Among his historical fixes Giacomo Leopardi and Charles Bukowski, Nirvana and Luigi Pirandello, Toni Morrison and Jim Morrison, Tiziano Terzani and Quentin Tarantino, Bjiork and Milan Kundera, Lars von Trier and Frida Kahlo, Lucien Freud and Marlene Kuntz, Dino Valls and Nada .

She changes a couple of houses, boyfriends and jobs: she welcomes tourists in luxury hotels, teaches languages ​​to listless kids, collaborates in the organization of important cultural events and art exhibitions, traveling mainly to the East.

Attached to life like grass, she brilliantly overcomes a delicate surgery on hallux valgus, a bad depression and an almost fatal cerebral hemorrhage from an aneurysm rupture.

He moved in 2016 with his partner and 3 dogs to a farm on the edge of the forest and here the countryside in his veins and the imagination of an artist find fertile ground every day for his "thoughts".

It only feels good when it creates. Painting is now his main activity.

He fiddles with the computer, takes photos and videos with his iPhone, has fun with graphics, social networks and blogs, exchanges succulents and aromatic herbs to increase his collection, experiments in the kitchen and raises bees. Play buraco and buy more books than he can read.

Feminist and allergic to sexist prejudices, she paints and talks about women in the present time.

Her long-term project is to visit all Asian countries, in the short term to become very good with the hula hoop.

His favorite dish is Tom Yum and rumor has it that his Mojito is the best you can ever drink.

She confidently waits for someone to invent a machine to expand time and space so that she can realize all her ideas.

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